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APEX Policies

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APEX Guidelines for Bridgepoint High School

  • Students can earn a maximum of 10 APEX credits a quarter, 40 credits total per school year.  
  • Students can only complete one APEX course at a time(Science being the exception.) Once a student completes an APEX course or the credits needed in that course, the student can be enrolled in another APEX course.  
  • A student cannot be enrolled in the same traditional and APEX class during the same quarter. 
  • Students will be required to complete a minimum of 4 hours of work a week on APEX.
  • Students must receive a 60% or higher grade to pass a class and earn credit.  
  • Quizzes and tests will remain locked outside of school hours.  Quizzes and tests can be unlocked and taken during the APEX class at Bridgepoint or during regularly scheduled meetings with their Crossroads teacher. Crossroads and Bridgepoint students can also complete tests with Principal Calderon twice a week(days/times tbd) as proctor via Zoom.    
  • Written journals and other class activities will be submitted via email or Google Classroom to the APEX teacher.  Group discussions can be 1 on 1 discussions via  the APEX teacher’s selected platform or submitted as written responses.  These are required as part of the course and must be completed.  
  • Teachers of APEX courses must be credentialed in the subject of the course(except for approved electives).  
  • Teachers of APEX courses will  provide a final grade printout from APEX along with grade slip.