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Attendance is essential for success at Bridgepoint High School. The more days you attend, the more productive days you can earn which increases the number of credits you complete. 

PERFECT ATTENDANCE(month): Completion of one month of school with no absences and no more than two total tardies.

PERFECT ATTENDANCE(week): Completion of one week of school with no absences or tardies.


Students with perfect attendance will be rewarded with a certificate during a quarterly assembly. Parents may receive a congratulatory phone call. Students may earn prizes.

One cut, being sent out of class for disciplinary reasons, or having a period(s) dropped will automatically exclude a student from any attendance award.


If a student does not regularly attend his/her scheduled classes, phone calls home will be made.  Truancy letters will go home.  Students will lose productive days and credits. 

Additional consequences may include:

  • SART meeting and contract
  • Drop from one or more classes including MVROP
  • Loss of work permit.
  • Loss of activities including Grad Night, Prom, dances
  • Delay in graduation date or transfer to Adult Education

Remember: Be Cool and Take Care of Business, Panthers!